Vinylester Acid Tanks Productions

Vinylester Acid Tanks Productions

Productions of vinylester acid tanks continue. For acid stocking in a certain concentration rate and tempature, vinylester acid tanks will be solution partner. Acid tanks productions are supplied as project-focused. Production capability with alternative dimensions increase preferable of these tanks.

20m3 vinylester acid tanks
20m3 vinylester acid tanks

Vinylester Acid Tanks Productions

Vinylester resin has a high resistance for acid with a certain concentration rate and tempature. You can see the resistance table on attachment.

Vinylester tanks are more useful comparison with to plastic chemical tanks. Also they are cheaper comparison with stainless tanks.

Vinylester tanks’ useful life is so long. If you can use it according to instructions, there will be no problems.

Also tanks are repairable. It is so important for a tank. Even if you have any problem except of warranty process, you can repair it easily.

We can connect outlets and inlets where you want on tanks in all dimensions. Also we can supply special equipments like cleanable level gauge, lifters, serpentine ext., too.

Last week we produced vinylester tanks for ISBAK A.S. and Uyguner Co.

20m3 Vinylester Acid Tanks

Production will be made for ISBAK A.S. Tanks will be used for stocking of solution. Tanks have a special level gauge, 3 pcs. PVC outlet connectors, 2 pcs. lifters on it.

Tank Dimensions

Width 270 cm
Height 350 cm
Cover 70 cm
Connector 1 Ø110
Connector 2 Ø63
Connector 3 Ø63

12m3 Vinylester Acid Tank

12m3 acid tank is produced for Uyguner Co., in Istanbul. Tank is used for reactor tank. Water’ ph value will be decreased with %10 sulphuric acid. Working tempature will be 80ºC for tank.

Tank Dimensions

Width 230 cm
Height 290 cm
Cover 70 cm
Inlet Ø80
Outlet Ø32 Valve
Water Inlet Ø110 Flange
Air Inlet Ø80 Flange
Level Gauge Ø20 Flange
Ventilator Ø150 Pipe
Drainage  Ø90 Flange

Usage Instructions
  • Don’t use your tank except of specified chemical. Also conceration rate and stock tempature is not to be exceeded the specified values.
  • Install your tanks on a flat concrete ground.
  • Don’t interfere with any driller or cutter materials over tanks.
  • Please test your tank with water against to defections during transport.
  • If you confront a problem please contact with responsives.
  • Be careful during installing.


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