Poliester vertical tanks can be produced from 100 liter to 100000 liter. But sometimes vertical tanks’ height dimensions can be problem for you. So that generally it is demanded for 50000 Liter maximum.

Poliester Vertical Tanks

These tanks are more costly in comparison with polythene vertical tanks. But especially for fuel-oil stations, poliester vertical tanks are perferable. You can use poliester tanks both of water and fuel-oil storage.

We can supply alternative dimensions for all volumes. Your tank can be produced wider or higher. If your field’s height, that you will place tank, is not enough for standard tank’s sizes, we can decrease your tank’s height and increase tank’s length. This is the most important specification of poliester water tanks.


These dimensions are standard of us. You can ask to us for much more dimensions or visit product pages.

1m3100 cm130 cmVisit
2m3120 cm190 cmVisit
3m3140 cm210 cmVisit
5m3180 cm210 cmVisit
10m3230 cm250 cmVisit
15m3250 cm320 cmVisit
20m3250 cm425 cmVisit
25m3310 cm350 cmVisit
30m3310 cm430 cmVisit
40m3310 cm560 cmVisit
50m3310 cm670 cmVisit
60m3310 cm825 cmVisit
100m3350 cm1050 cmVisit
Tank Images

Terms of Use

  • Tank shall be placed onto a concreted ground.
  • There shouldn’t be any materials on concrete ground like stone, nail or ext.
  • Filling of tank should be from upper side of tank.
  • Don’t lift the tank when it is full.
  • Don’t lift or move your tank from its manway or outlet connection.
  • Don’t interfere over tank with any driller or cutter materials.
  • You can clean your tank once a year. It is important for tanks’ useful life.
  • If you have any problem with your tank, please contact with sales consultants.