Poliester cubic tanks can be produced with different dimensions for all volumes. It can be square or prismatic. It can be also trapezoid. There is no limet for tank’ dimensions or volume. Tank can be produced how you want.

Poliester Cubic Tanks
Poliester Cubic Tanks

Poliester Cubic Tanks

Poliester cubic tanks include a iron cage with demanded dimensions. These cage will be covered with poliester plates. After than this process, outlets and inlets are fixed to tank.

For small tanks, we don’t use iron cage. We produce the fiberglass plates and fix them to each other.

Poliester Cubic Tank Gallery

You can see some pictures of cubic tanks  that we have been produced.

Poliester Cubic Tanks Production Process

  • First of all, the poliester sheets are produced in requested dimensions.
  • Sometimes for big volume tanks, we produce a metal skeleton and poliester sheets welded to this cage.
  • After that we are welding all plates to each other and coat with poliester resin.
  • At the end of process, we assemble its access manhole and other equipments whereever you want on tank. And we paint it with poliester gelcoat.
  • You should know that, the production process is longer in comparison to cylndrical tanks. Also cubic tanks are more costly than other types of tank.

Terms of Use

  • Please place your tank on a concreted ground.
  • Please be careful during unloading of tank.
  • Don’t interfere to tank with any driller or cutter materials.
  • It is preferable to use flex pipes during connection of tank to the pump system.
  • Don’t lift or move your tank when it is full.
  • Don’t use tank’s manway or any other connection equipment during unloading of tank.
  • You can clean your tank once a year for its useful life.
  • If you have any problem with your tank, please contact with consultants.