Separator septic tank separate the solid and liquid waste. Separator system will decrease cost of sewage truck. Also you can use liquid waste for garden watering. Separator septic tanks also called as waste water treatment tank.

Separator Septic Tank

Production Schema

How Does Work Separator Septic Tank?

  • Separator septic tanks have 3 chamber inside of it.
  • The first chamber is the inlet. Both of solid and liquid waste will fill in this chamber. This chamber include a horizontal plate. This plate will have some holes on it that liquid waste can flow the second chamber.
  • Second chamber is the first chamber of liquid waste. This chamber have 2 filters that separate  the solid and liquid waste one more time.Filters are plastic. We designate its diameter according to tank’ volume.
  • The last chamber is the outlet. Waste will fill into this chamber as separated. This chamber also has a filter top side of it. After of filling of this chamber fully, the liquid waste can be used for any watering process.
Name Description
M1 Manway Inlet Chamber Access
M2 Manway Second Chamber Access
M3 Manway Third Chamber Access
1N Inlet Pipe PVC Pipe for Filling
2N Filter Filter for Solid Waste
3N Filter Filter with Checkvalves
4N Separator Fiberglass
5N Filter PVC for Outlet Pipe
6N Outlet PVC Pipe
7N Lifting Lug For placement of tank


  • Tank filling period will be longer.
  • Sewage truck cost will be lower.
  • You can use liquid waste for other works like garden watering.
  • You can control all chambers of tank by the help of manholes for all chambers.
  • Tanks are suitable for underground.
  • Installing of tank is easy.
  • Septic tanks have lower costs by comparison with concrete sewage.
  • No pump use and no electric consumption.

Use Terms

  • Please prepare your ground according to drawing that is sent you by responsives.
  • Please be carefull during unloading of tanks.
  • You can use lifters on tank during unloading and put your tank to underground.
  • Don’t interfere to tanks with any driller or cutter materials.
  • There shouldn’t be any hard materials inside of the soil that you will pour on tank.
  • Don’t lift your tank from its manhole and inlet pipe.
  • If you need any changing for tank’ dimensions or equipments, please contact with us before production.

Advantages of Fiberglass Septic Tanks

  • Tanks are ready to install.
  • These tanks are uncorrosioned.
  • Fiberglass septic tanks have long usefull life.
  • Production is mass.
  • Have lower prices in comparison with the other production groups.
  • Long warranty process against to production defects.