50m3 Septic Tank

50m3 septic tank is produced as fiberglass and it is produced to burry. You can see the product dimensions and other specifications of product at below. If you need any changing for tank design you can contact with us. Septic tank is different from standart fiberglass tank. Septic tank is thicker and it has some equipments on it for easy installation and longer useful life. Its manhole is higher comparison with standart tank. This is called elavation level and it tells tank’s burial depth. Also there is no outlet on septic tank. Fiberglass septic tanks have some advantages comparison with concrete septic tanks.

50m3 Septic Tank
50m3 Septic Tank

50m3 Septic Tank

50m3 septic tank can be produced in three alternative sizes or much more sizes as both of vertical and horizontal. Standard size can be transported with low bed trailer, alternative size 1 of 50m3 septic tank can be transported with standard truck and size 2 can be shipped with a 40′ HC container.  If you need any further information, please contact with us.


StandardAlternative 1Alternative 2
Width310 cm250 cm230 cm
Height345 cm290 cm270 cm
Length680 cm1250 cm1200 cm
DrawingStandard SizeAlternative Size 1Alternative Size 2

Equipment List of 50m3 Septic Tank

MManhole2FRP – Ø700
1NInlet1FRP – Ø300
2NVent1PVC – Ø110
3NLifting2Ø30 – Welded to Ring
4NSupport2FRP Wall
5NRing5NPU 100
6NAnchor4Ø20 – Welded to Ring
List is for standard size. For all details see drawing.

Guideline for Burying of Tank

During burying of tank, you shall follow up instructions on drawing. Also you can see general burying terms link at below.