25m3 Plastic Water Tank

25m3 plastic water tank can be produced just as vertical. There is no production as horizontal for plastic water tanks. Also this is last product for plastic water tanks. There are two colour options for plastic tanks. The first one is the white and the second one is the blue. Blue tanks are more costly than white tanks. There are advantages and disadvantages of plastic water tanks. Mass production and cheap prices are advantages of tanks. Unchangable dimensions and production just as vertical are the disadvantages of tanks. Plastic tanks are produced by polythene raw material. Polythene is a thermo plastic and its chemical resistance is high. But you should take information from responsive to store any liquids except of water. Plastic water tanks are suitable for food.

25m3 Polythene Water Tanks
25m3 Plastic Water Tank

25m3 Plastic Water Tank


Width 300 cm
Height 400 cm
Weight 500 kg
Outlet 2″ (Ø63)
Manway 450 mm

Need to Know

  • Shipping can be supplied just with low bed trailer.
  • 3 pcs. tanks can be loaded for one truck.

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