Rainwater Collection Tanks

Rainwater Collection Tanks

Rainwater collection tanks offer a solution to the ever-increasing water problems today. Our products, which can be used as underground or above ground, prevent any material from entering the tank by the manual filtration. You can view the details of the projects we have produced below.

37m3 Rainwater Collection Tanks

It will be used for garden irrigation. It has been delivered to the Çanakkale region. Our project-oriented products are made of glass-reinforced polyester material.

Diameter270 cm
Height295 cm
Length680 cm

3m3 Rainwater Tanks

It is produced for the purpose of accumulating rain water under the ground. It allows the collection of rain water lines coming from different directions. It also has an overflow pipe that will allow excess water to be thrown out. It is designed to use the water with a submersible pump. The shipment to Bodrum region has been completed.

Diameter140 cm
Height175 cm
Length210 cm

500 Liter Rainwater Tanks

All tank details of the project, in which rain water is collected in a 500 liter tank and transferred to 15 tons of underground water tank via the elevation difference, and used with the hydrophore system, belong to us.

Diameter 80 cm
Height 115 cm
Length 100 cm

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  1. Da li imate predstavnika na području Novog Sada? Biće nam potreban 1 rezervoar (2 m3), 1 rezervoar (1 m3) i dva rezervoara od 500 litara.


    Dale Kneeland

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