Mixer Tank Productions

Mixer Tank Productions

Mixer tank productions can be provided as polyester and polyethylene. Because we can be supply more tank dimension possibility and equipment variety in polyester products, mixer tanks are preffered as fiberglass.

You can read in our article about tanks, are produced in different details and sizes.

20m3 Mixer Tank Productions

The tank we produce for glue mixing processes is fiberglass and contains pp serpentine pipes inside. You can review the drawing for more technical details about the product.

Diameter 2700 mm
Heigth 3510 mm
Gearbox 5,5 kwa – 57 d/d

10m3 Mixer Tank

The fiberglass mixer tank production which we completed with Derakene 470 type high chemical resistant resin, will provide chemical heat protection with 50 mm rock wool reinforcement. Product inlets and outlets are PVC PN16 free flange.

Diameter 2300 mm
Body Height 3000 mm
Conical Height 500 mm
Platform Height 700 mm
Total Height 4200 mm
Gearbox 15 kwa – 57 d/d

26m3 Mixer Tank

Production was completed according to the dimensions given by the company to be used in the disposal of chemical wastes. Our tank, which is manufactured using vinylester epoxy resin, has a serpentine heating or cooling system made of pp pipes. All inlets and outlets are adapted as PVC.

Diameter2500 mm
Body Height5000 mm
Conical Height1000 mm
Platform Height1500 mm
Total Height7500 mm
Gearbox15 kwa – 57 d/d

3m3 Mixer Tank

It is designed according to the dimensions requested by the company to be used in the production of chemical products. With the double-sided hinged top cover, it is designed in accordance with the casting of raw materials with open tops drums. The product outlet is PVC flange, and the level indicator is made of removable and cleanable PVC pipe. The tank also has a sampling valve.

Diameter1400 mm
Body Height1870 mm
Conical Height300 mm
Platform Height1000 mm
Total Height3170 mm
Gearbox2,2 kwa – 57 d/d

10m3 Mixer Tank Productions

It is a standard Izoplas product for mixing of caustic acid. You can get more information about tank link at below.

Diameter2500 mm
Body Height2250 mm
Conical Height500 mm
Platform Height550 mm
Total Height3300 mm
Gearbox5,5 kwa – 57 d/d

3m3 Horizontal Mixer Tank

There are special fiberglass plates in the interior of the tank, which supply completely discharge. Fiberglass legs have lifted up 25 cm from the floor. All outlets are PVC PN16 and inner theraded.

Diameter 1400 mm
Height 1850 mm
Length 2100 mm
Platform Height 350 mm
Gearbox 2,2 kwa – 57 d/d

30m3 Silo Soap Stock Tank

It is produced with sheet metal tank and vinyl ester epoxy resin coating. Sandblasted sheet metal tank is coated with vinyl ester epoxy resin and then painted with epoxy gelcoat.

Diameter 1400 mm
Height 1850 mm
Length 2100 mm
Platform Height 350 mm
Gearbox 2,2 kwa – 57 d/d

1200 Liter Silo Mixer Tank

The product we have manufactured from polyester is suitable for the glue density. Product outlet is PVC butterfly valve. On the upper part, there is a 312 mm wide hinged opening cover.

Diameter 1200 mm
Body Height 1010 mm
Connical Height 200 mm
Platform Height 310 mm
Total Height 1520 mm
Gearbox 1,1 kwa – 59 d/d

Polytehe Silo Mixer Tanks

Polyethylene silo tanks are produced with an open top and then mixer assembly is provided. Tank shaft is also produced from polyethylene material. A polyester cover is attached to the tanks for mixer placement. The outlets are also produced with out threaded from polyethylene material.

Mixer features are preferred by you. The gearbox power varies according to the density of the chemical to be put into it. In general, 1.1 kwa gearbox up to 1 ton volume, 2.2 kwa up to 3 tons, 5.5 kwa gearbox up to 5 tons are preferred. You can get support from our sales representatives on the subject.

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