60m3 Water Tanks - Azfen

60m3 Water Tanks – Azfen

60m3 water tanks production process is completed and products are delivered to Azerbaijan for Azfen. Tanks are produced with Izoplas quality standarts and have warranty for 5 years against to production defects. Tanks’ projects are drawn by us and dimensions are standart of us. Tanks’ are designed for easy transportation. Production is completed in 15 days.

60m3 Water Tanks
60m3 Water Tanks

60m3 Water Tanks

60m3 water tanks production could be as fiberglass. Production can be as horizontal or vertical. Tank will enable easy installation and more useful life through its level gauge, legs and other equipments on it. Dividing walls will support to tank during filling of tank.

Dimensions of Tanks

Width 310 cm
Length 790 cm
Height 330 cm
Weight 2500 kg
Working Tempature -20<°C<+70
Certificates ISO 9001
Cover  ø700
Outlet ø100
Level Gauge ø50
Lifters 2 pcs.
Dividing Walls 2 pcs.
Legs 6 pcs.


  • Tank cover : There are 2 cover on tank’ top right and left side.
  • Lifters : There are 2 lifters on tanks for each one.
  • Level Gauge : It is demountable. You clean it if required.
  • Dividing Walls : There are 2 dividing walls inside of tank for each one.
  • Outlet : There is 4″ outlet at bottom side of tank.
  • Iron legs and sheets : There are 6 pcs. legs at the bottom side of tank. These legs are fixed to tank with iron sheets.
Use Terms
  • You should install your tank o a concrete ground.
  • Please control tank balance after install it.
  • Don’t move or carry tank when it is full.
  • Please be careful during unloading of tank.
  • Don’t interfere over tank with any driller or cutter materials.
  • Be careful during plumbing.
  • You should use cover for filling of tank.


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