Insulated water tank is produced as fiberglass and 3 layers. First layer is the main water storage tank. Second layer is the insulation material minimum 40mm.  Last layer is the protection layer of insulation material. 

Insulated Water Tank
Insulated Water Tank

Insulated Water Tank

Especially insulated tanks are solution where wheather condition is harsh. Insulation will protect tanks against to cold weather. Also useful for chemical that is needed to protect temperature.

General Features

  • Insulated tanks are produced as fiberglass.
  • Insulation can be apllied all tank types. Vertical, horizontal or cubic tanks.
  • We are using glass wool or stone wool for insulation.
  • Insulation material is 40 mm minimum for all tank capacities.
  • We can connect inlet and outlet pipes in all sizes.
  • Inlet and outlet sizes can be changed.
  • Demountable level gauge can be connected.
  • Production can be supplied up to 100m3.

We can supply insulation also chemical storage tanks except of water tanks. So you can protect chemical against to temperature.

Insulated Chemical Tanks

If you need to keep temperature of chemical on fixed degree, insulated chemical tanks will be solution partner for you.

  • Tanks can be produced as horizontal, vertical, cubic or silos.
  • Also we can apply insulation for transportation tanks.